Joining Shanka Samadhan Sessions and Ask Online Questions

If you would like to ask questions in a Shankasamadhan session or talk to Shri Sanjiv Bhaiya Ji or any other respected Acharya, you can join the session in the following ways:

Directly through Audio Conference

Dial  0172-5199043. [If you are dialing from outside India, please add country code +91] You will be asked for an access code. Dial in 423727 and press the pound or hash key #
Avoid pressing other numbers.
You have joined the audio session. You can now hear the session but no one can hear you.
When it’s your turn you will be called by name and now the other’s can hear you too. Ask your question.
You are requested to:
Call from a quiet place with little or no background sound.
Greet Shri Sanjiv Bhaiya Ji and introduce yourself by name and place. Unless requested, do not repeat the greeting because all can hear you.

We pray to Guru Maharaj and call upon him to endow his blessings so that your questions and doubts can be resolved through this medium.

Join through Prior Notice

To know more about shanka samadhan sessions you can call 080-33923817. If you have questions depending upon availability of timeslot the volunteers will tell you when to call the shanka samadhan session.

You can also use the form embedded in the link-> https://goo.gl/xtwnEk Volunteers will get in touch with you.

16th September 2018 Shanka Samadhan