What is Shankasamadhan and Amrit Vani?

We have an esteemed job under the patronage of Guru Maharaj to spread his message and principles to every village and town in far flung areas. We will achieve this task under the guidance of Shri Sanjiv Bhaiya Ji. The objective of Amrit Vani program is to bring the voice of Guru Maharaj to villages through the medium of phone which is possible even in inaccessible villages. Our purpose is to aid him. This kind of work is new but we believe that with Guru Maharaj’s blessings and energy it is possible. It is his work, He is the doer, we are just his disciples who are performing His duty.

The main section of Amrit Vani program is Shanka samadhan. Guru Maharaj has laid plenty of emphasis on it. His booklet series “Adhyatmic Visheya Miminsha” is a compilation of questions posed by satsangis and His responses. We attempt to bring this program every Sunday, 8:30 pm IST.

You all are aware that any question or doubt becomes a hurdle in achieving the path of spirituality. Through this medium we attempt to answer your questions so that you do not have to wait for any bhandara to get your questions answered.
Shri Sanjiv’s Bhaiya under whose tutelage we work says, “I have a few words to say. First of all, I am not the person who is answering these questions, it is He. I am just attempting to bring together Guru Maharaj’s extensive family together so that I can meet them and talk to them. I am not the knowledgeable one but I am a member of a family where people talk and chat. Now, if I know something and do not share it with others, that is not right. But I have to say that the Grace we are experiencing is the divine grace that all have experienced since times. It is with His grace and ble
ssings that we have be resolving out doubts and getting answers to our question and we will continue to do so. The number of questions in bhandara’s are large so I think if we can use this medium it will be good, we can try it.
In this satsang plenty of elderly and knowledgeable people have from time to time resolved my doubts, so today if I can help others, let me do it, though at times, I think I may not be capable of it.”

If you have any questions you can contact Shri Sanjiv Bhaiya Ji or call 080-33123817 (please add country code) and learn more about Shanka samadhan. You may also fill the form.

16th September 2018 Shanka Samadhan