What is Satsang?

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Satsang means to be with (and in the company of) positive energy. Meditating in a group has great advantages over solitary practice.  Meditation is a practice of inner silence for cultivating lasting inner peace.

Satsang – A simple and effective way to meditate. A universal and well researched approach, adaptable for all humankind – irrespective of color, gender, age, religion, or culture.

Satsang has its strong footing in ancient yoga and meditation practices. It has been refined and simplified to make it viable in today’s busy lifestyle.

Satsang is easy to do and understand – truly non-intrusive to suit your lifestyle and faith, a unique meditation practice that could require less than half an hour a day.

Please join us in Satsang to benefit from this simple, effective, and modern path to an enlightened, stress-free, peaceful, and healthy life.