Who is Satsang Bootcamp for?

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Satsang Bootcamp is for anyone getting started or restarted, eager to set the foundation for meditating regularly and wants to learn a new approach that can fit seamlessly in their lifestyle with help from mentors, and a community of fellow participants.

RSVP close on January 31, 2022. Satsang Bootcamp and Workshops are free at this point, while daily tips will be send through a free newsletter that also has an optional paid option. Participants of this new program are expected to ask questions and provide candid feedback, that will help develop a better program and an engaged community.   

If you’ve set a New Year’s resolution to go deeper into your meditation practice, or to start a new one, you don’t have to go at it alone. 

Program Overview

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Satsang Bootcamp, a new month-long program that Introduces you to Satsang.

  • Starts and ends with an Immersive Weekend that is made up of three 90-minute workshops.

  • Three weekly Satsang workshops are held during the month, as well.  

Bootcamp kickoff – An Immersive Weekend

Saturday, February 5th [10AM/2:30PM EST] and Sunday, February 6th [10AM]
Three 90-minute sessions, will get you started with an immersive Satsang experience. You will not only learn about Satsang, each session will focus on a group practice, and you will have opportunity to ask questions and share your experience with other participants.

At the kickoff weekend, we’ll introduce you to the resources that will help you develop a sustainable practice.

Daily practice assistance

Delivered to inboxes daily throughout the month of February.

Participants will be added to the Satsang newsletter on Substack that will send you daily videos that explain the practice. There, the volunteer team will publish daily bite-sized tips on a strategic theme.

  • Week 1 – Inner Yoga – Yoga Philosophy and Satsang 

  • Week 2 – Inner Peace – Inner Peace through Satsang 

  • Week 3 – Inner States – Map of Internal States 

  • Week 4 – Inner Strength – Manifesting Transcendental Energy

Bootcamp Schedules

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