Inner Peace through
Satsang light meditation
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Why Meditation

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Integrate meditation into your busy lifestyle

Improve concentration and focus that would lead to better decisions and overall lifestyle uplift!

Meditation can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression! Strengthen coping ability! Reflect more deeply!

Sleep better! Improve
heart health! Slow down
biological aging!

Consistent meditation practice with some coaching can lead to a more lasting peace!

What You Learn

Satsang, a simple and effective practice of guided meditation
  • Each class starts with meditative music & guidance on how to meditate on transcendent light.
  • Then you’ll experience a 30-minute, guided meditation on light permeating the body.
  • The class wraps up with more meditative music to transition out of meditation, followed by Q&A.
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Improve mental clarity and ability to concentrate

The Master

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Reach spiritual enlightenment and enjoy everlasting peace


"Guru Maharaj" Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay
Guru Maharaj Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay perfected a guided meditation system on transcendent light. He refined and simplified ancient yoga and meditation practices, so it is easy to do and understand. It is a truly non-intrusive practice that can be molded to suit any lifestyle or faith. This unique meditation practice can begin at less than an hour daily to get some transformative results. He established Ramashram Satsang Mathura as a nonprofit in 1930, that has freely helped millions of people and promoted a healthy and peaceful lifestyle through Satsang since then. He started a monthly Journal in Hindi in 1931 and wrote many books that includes a seven volume book describing his spiritual journey. His heart was always flowing with unconditional love for everyone. He always paid attention to anyone who sought his help, serving anyone and everyone who came to him. He was habitually found in a meditative mood. Tranquility was writ large on his face. He lived the life of a family man. He set an excellent example of how to combine spiritual idealism with domestic life. Serving his wife and children to the last breath, and mindfully attending to all domestic duties.

Reach spiritual enlightenment and
enjoy everlasting peace
Mr. Sanjiv Kumar will facilitate the guided meditation sessions. He has been practicing meditation for over 40 years. He was impressed with the effects of meditation in his life and has been facilitating guided meditation sessions in the DMV area and across the nation for the last two decades. He feels meditation should be an integral part of everyone's lifestyle to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and their toxic effects both on the mind and the body. Sanjiv is also the president of the nonprofit organization, Ramashram Satsang Mathura, Inc. which promotes a healthy and peaceful lifestyle through Satsang. Satsang is a unique guided meditation practice, perfected by his grandfather Guru Maharaj, Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay in 1930. He travels extensively to promote this guided meditation practice and to bring Eastern knowledge to Western culture. Ultimately, allowing followers of this practice to reach spiritual enlightenment and enjoy everlasting inner peace.




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An Orientation Session

Join these 60-minute Orientation Sessions that will introduce participants to core concepts behind Satsang and orient you on how to practice meditation. These online meditation series is ideal for beginners. Each session includes 20 to 30 minutes of meditation on light, Q&A and discussions.

Tuesday 6:30pm EST