Program Overview

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Weekly 90-minute group workshops, will help you learn more about meditation and Satsang. Workshops focus on 3 aspects – Learn, Practice and Interact.

Each Workshop is structured as follows:
• Learn – 20 minutes – Learn about Satsang best practices
• Practice – 40 minutes – Meditate with Music to transition in & out
• Interact – 20 minutes – Q&A and Panel discussion

Join this new online ‘Satsang Workshop’ that will introduce you to an ancient practice of meditation and open your heart to light and love. Participants will gather on WebEx Online Video Conference every week to go deeper on the theme of the workshop. Treat the Satsang Workshops as a space to help each other in developing a sustainable meditation practice.

These workshops will help you to relax, refresh your energies, calm your mind especially during this pandemic, while developing an ability to concentrate, manage stress, focus on the present, increase self-awareness and reduce negative emotions.

Every week on Saturdays
Hosted by the new London Chapter of Ramashram Satsang Mathura

This workshop is part of Immersive Weekend [3 workshops over the weekend] and Satsang Bootcamp [A new month-long program that includes 2 Immersive Weekends and a total of 9 Satsang Workshops over the month]
Note: Please RSVP to receive meeting link.

One on One Session Schedules

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