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Ramashram Satsang Mathura, Inc. (RSM Inc) was registered as a non-profit organization in November 2005 with New Jersey state (USA). This organization was reinstated and granted the status of a non-profit exempt organization as per Section 501(c)(3) of IRC in October 2018.


  • Organization Name: Ramashram Satsang Mathura, Inc
  • Tax ID / Employer Identification Number (EIN): 20-3731546
  • Organization Contact: Sanjiv Kumar
  • Organization Website: ramashram.orgwww.ramashram.com
  • Organization email: sanjiv@ramashram.in
  • Organization Address: 2945 Gray St., Oakton VA 22124

About the Founder

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In 1930, Guru Maharaj, Paramsant Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji, established Ramashram Satsang Mathura (RSM) naming it  after his Guru, Lala Ji Maharaj, Paramsant Sri Ram Chandra Ji. It is based in the northern Indian town of Mathura.

As per the directive of his Guru, he propagated a System of Meditation adaptable by people of any religion, community or race. This system is especially suited for our busy and demanding lives in today’s world. If we shape our lifestyles and mould our thought processes according to it, spiritual success can be achieved effortlessly. We can learn to live a peaceful life amidst the stress (of everyday life).

Our Mission

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The mission of Ramashram Satsang Mathura, Inc. is to globally promote the spiritual development methods established by Guru Maharaj Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay, primarily through public meditation sessions, modern communication channels and charitable projects. This mission is particularly relevant in the current circumstances.


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We plan to implement the mission by means of

  1. Satsang Events
  2. Service Projects
  3. Content Development

Key Initiatives

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1. Providing Satsang Experience:

Ramashram Satsang Mathura, Inc. supports Satsang events online, in the US, Canada, Europe and India. These global events are joined in person or online by both spiritual guides and practitioners. This experience of guided meditation under a spiritually enabled is capable of bringing a sense of calm and peace to anyone who wants to join. All sessions are free.

a.     Online Events

For several years, the NPO has been promoting online participation for people who are unable to attend satsang events in-person.

In order to deal with the challenges posed during the pandemic, we have extended the online events and presence to a broader audience with an increased outreach using the technology platforms.

This was realized through

  • Daily online sessions which are held on weekdays one in the morning and other in the evening.
  • Participants have a range of options to participate in these events
    • interactive video conference through WebEx
    • interactive audio conference through WebEx audio bridge
    • view live video broadcast on Youtube and facebook live
    • listen to audio broadcast on MixLR internet radio
  • Special sessions are planned for weekends
  • Several bhandaras (annual events in India) including Jaipur and Hazaribagh have leveraged these technology platforms and online collaboration tools to provide the spiritual service to people despite maintaining the social distancing measures.
  • Through the relentless efforts from volunteers, we have supported 1000+ concurrent connections on all the online platforms together during these sessions

b.    Monthly/Quarterly Satsang Events in Americas

For the past several years we have done in-person satsang events in various cities throughout America, Canada and Europe. We plan to continue the momentum and expand the outreach as the engagement and participation grows.

Following events were held for the calendar year 2020

• Virginia (Guru Poornima July 2020)
• Bay Area (January 2020)

Events held for calendar year 2019 include

• Connecticut (November 2019)
• Cleveland (September 2019)
• Virginia (Guru Poornima July 2019)
• Toronto (June 2019)

  • Bay Area (January 2019)

c.     Local Meetups in Virginia

Since 2017, we have leveraged “meetups” platform to organize in-person sessions in and around Virginia. The upcoming event details can be found here while the details of past events are available here.

A series of introductory sessions were held at  Dolley Madison Library (1244 Oak Ridge Avenue · McLean, VA) while more recent events were conducted out of Dream Yoga Studio (1485 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 104 · McLean, VA)

2. Content Development :

Content is the keystone of any communication and we are planning for content development in support of Satsang events. Content is textual and audio-visual. Distribution of content is through existing members. The language of content is English and Hindi. The technological resources that we use are Dropbox & Vimeo apart from open source software.

Examples of content include

  1. A video biography was created
  2. Starters Toolkit
  3. Multi-format Shanka Samadhan (Curated Q&A)


3. Service Projects:

Service is one of the core principles of our organization especially to those who require it and where we can make an impact. All service projects will be supported through partner non-profit charitable organizations in India. Ramashram Satsang Mathura Inc. supports Ziya Ashrey Public School. Established in the year 1996 this school operates till middle level. It’s situated near a town of Hajipur in the economically backward state of Bihar and aims to provide quality education to school children irrespective of their economic status. The main objective in supporting is this project is to

  • Sponsor education of students who need financial support
  • Sponsor a Computer lab and a library for students
  • Support school expansion, includes replacing asbestos sheets with permanent structures
  • Add facilities to convert the school into a high school so that children are not forced to either leave their education

Content Platforms & Repository

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Technical platforms are one of the key element for fueling our initiatives, enabling collaboration between geographically spread volunteer communities and reaching the target audience.

We leverage a variety of modern communication channels and digital platforms to globally promote the spiritual development methods established by Guru Maharaj Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji.

Some of the tools that we leverage for our operations are worth a mention

  • RSM Websites  (ramashram.orgwww.ramashram.com)
  • Satsang experience app will be developed for app driven Satsang
  • WebEx and Zoom Video Conference to support online Satsang events
  • Youtube Live and Facebook Live Video Broadcast to support online Satsang events
  • Mixlr Audio Broadcast (Radio) to support online Satsang events
  • Free Conference for Audio Conference to support online Satsang events
  • Vimeo for Video Repository and Video on-demand
  • Dropbox for Audio/Document(Text) Repository
  • Aplos nonprofit software to manage non-profit accounts and other activities
    • Correct descriptions and tags needed for Vimeo video repository
    • Curate Video content on Vimeo for publication


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Contribution towards RSM service projects in India, including healthcare program, educational sponsorship, infrastructure and communication equipment for Online Satsang.

Note: All transactions take place at secure Aplos gateway and not on our site.