Satsang Event is typically one hour session that is focused on the core concepts and core practice of Satsang. The core concepts pertain to the discussions on a topic that commonly affect people’s lives and how these discussions can enrich their experience and how folks can benefit from this simple, effective, and modern path to an enlightened, stress-free, peaceful, and healthy life. The core practice is all about meditation and prayers which leads to a deeper connection with Guru or the Divine Power. The event’s agenda typically looks like this:

DurationTable of content
0-15 min.Welcome and Introductions
0-20 min.Core Concepts: Orientation Topic (Details; Examples; Stories)
21-25 min.Core Practice: Instructions (How to meditate)
26-35 min.Core Practice: Prayers (Transition-in)
36-50 min.Core Practice: Meditation (In Silence)
51-55 min.Core Practice: Prayers (Transition-out)
56-60 min.Wrap-up: Takeaways (Summary; Sign-off & Next session)
+15 min.Q&A

Inner Peace (Core Concept for this Orientation Session)?

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