Satsang Orientation Session BKP

Satsang Event is typically one hour session that is focused on the core concepts and core practice of Satsang. The core concepts pertain to the discussions on a topic that commonly affect people’s lives and how these discussions can enrich their experience and how folks can benefit from this simple, effective, and modern path to an enlightened, stress-free, peaceful, and healthy life. The core practice is all about meditation and prayers which leads to a deeper connection with Guru or the Divine Power. The event’s agenda typically looks like this:

DurationTable of content
0-15 min.Welcome and Introductions
0-20 min.Core Concepts: Orientation Topic (Details; Examples; Stories)
21-25 min.Core Practice: Instructions (How to meditate)
26-35 min.Core Practice: Prayers (Transition-in)
36-50 min.Core Practice: Meditation (In Silence)
51-55 min.Core Practice: Prayers (Transition-out)
56-60 min.Wrap-up: Takeaways (Summary; Sign-off & Next session)
+15 min.Q&A

Inner Peace (Core Concept for this Orientation Session)?

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