All English Satsang

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(For Western Audience)

Satsang – An Orientation Session

Satsang – Open Your Heart to Light & Love

Satsang for Young Adults (Monthly)

‘Satsang for Young Adults’ online meditation series is for Teens, Tweens and Young Adults (in the 20s). This session is for youngsters to answer their questions with some emphasis on why to meditate, how to meditate and what is Satsang. Some concepts, examples and stories are part of the session. First 30 minutes is for all age kids includes 5 to 10 minutes of chanting and the next 30 minutes is for young adults over 16, and this part includes 10 to  20 minutes of mindful and heartful meditation. (rsm.webex.com)

Satsang for the West

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(Hybrid Traditional/English)

Satsang Weekend Retreat

‘Special Monthly Satsang’ is the more traditional Satsang structured as a weekend retreat, to immerse yourself in a weekend full of positive energy. Two sessions on Saturday and one session on Sunday creates a unique meditative retreat over the weekend. (rsm.webex.com)

Sunday Global Satsang

‘Sunday Global Satsang’ is the more traditional Satsang timed to suit US and Canada, East to the West Coast as well as for Europe! Join Global Satsang online every weekend and immerse yourself in positive energy. (rsm.webex.com)

Traditional Satsang

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Daily Satsang

Traditional Satsang that had been online every morning since 2010 was extended to daily morning and evening to ensure we all keep a positive outlook and daily immerse ourselves in positive energy. (rsm.webex.com)/youtube

Morning Satsang Timings