The Relationship between Worship and Eternal Peace

The Relationship between Worship and Eternal Peace


Human beings always long for eternal bliss. Their innermost desire is to live a contented, happy and satisfied life. In search of peace, people attend church services, visit temples or prayers in mosques. They sing in the choir, recite devotional songs and actively involve themselves in rituals like giving alms, observing fasts and such activities. These activities do provide temporary solace, but everlasting peace remains elusive.

Some people believe that knowledge brings peace. Our Guru Maharaj used to say that extensive study and reading of spiritual literature helps in making a person a scholar but all this may not necessarily lead to happiness and lasting peace.

These days preachers are in abundance, books on spiritual knowledge are available in plenty, but there is not an iota of effect on the persons, reading and listening them. There is no change in their deeds and actions because their hearts are full of malice and variety of thoughts.

Worship has different notions in different religions. However, all religions primarily agree on one point, that true worship means having a reverential belief in Almighty God. He manifests himself for us in form of a Spiritual Guide or Guru. As a disciple dives deep into his teachings with unwavering faith, the thoughts and belief in his supremacy which is initially external, gradually deepens inside, and eventually their emotions and thoughts are no longer different and merge into one.

In the beginning our thought of Guru being the Almighty God is just a figment of imagination. Our thoughts flicker while guru’s reflections are firm and deep rooted. The more a disciple intimately connects himself to his Guru’s soul, the more he gets benefited. One, who is not attached to the Guru’s soul can never be a true disciple and gain the real knowledge and other benefits. 

Peace is beyond the physical acquisition of knowledge. It can only be achieved by deep assimilation of spiritual experience. One’s own introspection and exploration will ultimately result in the inner everlasting permanent peace and bliss.

Ramashram Satsang, Mathura has published large number of spiritual literatures for the benefit of the mankind. Through small stories, deep principles of spiritualism are explained and communicated. One such story pertains to a seeker who regularly visited a priest for religious story sessions. One day the priest asked him ‘’Now that you have been listening to these stories for a month, did you find any change in your own life?” “No sir” was the reply. “My behavior is just the same as it was before. I listen to everyone, but always do as I wish. My mind has become so rigid that despite trying to improve, it does not absorb all these good thoughts. May be that I have received this knowledge from a worldly person. But, only when an enlightened saint imparts this spiritual knowledge to me, I will be able to retain it within myself”. 

Guru Maharaj
Guru Maharaj

Guru Maharaj propagated a unique and simple system of meditation (Sadhana) – spiritual practice, towards achieving the ultimate goal of eternal peace. Regular practice of sadhana under the guidance and supervision of a Guru brings internal changes in a seeker. His thought process becomes positive and his attitude towards worldly events becomes dispassionate. He is not moved by the outcome of the events around him as he develops a feeling of detachment. He develops a firm belief that all acts are predestined and are for his good. Self-introspection becomes his way of life and he becomes aware of the presence of his Guru around him all the time. This helps in his internal purification which is reflected in his behavior. His life is filled with simplicity, truthfulness, forgiveness, and unconditional love for everyone. 

Path of self-realisation cannot be traversed alone as there is a large number of obstacles on the way. Hence, one needs a guide/guru who has traversed it many times. Scriptures also emphasise that without the blessings and guidance of a Guru, one cannot achieve success in this field. To seek Guru’s love and affection, it is very important to have genuine respect and devotion to his principles. Superficial words in praise of guru do not carry any force. Paper flowers may look very attractive but when we touch and smell them, they do not appeal to us in absence of their own fragrance. True sweet fragrant love for his Guru is the only quality which attracts Guru. 

This is a magic, that enlightened saints have within them. They never ask for any favor in return, nor do they utter harsh and rude words. They talk sweetly and politely to everyone, want everyone’s wellbeing, and help them in their troubles. This attitude is their true nature. There are many Saints that can attract us superficially, but the ones that awaken and impact us from within are very few. Only with the blessings and grace of almighty, we get to meet such saints, and then only, the secrets of worship get unfolded.

Worship actually is an emotional state of mind in a disciple. When a seeker’s emotions rise from within, he starts dancing in joy and ecstasy. Boat man, Kewat got emotional just upon seeing Lord Ram and Meera soaked in love, continued to sing in lord’s praise, not concerned about the society and the societal norms. When the real feeling and emotion emerges, then the disciple and God merge and become one. Genuine love for Guru is the natural simplicity of heart where there is no artificial display, no impurity, and no cleverness. He always endeavors to enhance the level of his love for his Guru and becomes aware that pure love is neither grown in the garden nor sold anywhere. Such seekers do not have any ego, and this is the only emotion Guru is looking for.

Guru takes care of such disciples and helps them at every stage of spiritual journey. They progress under the supervision of Guru and achieve the real purpose of life ie eternal peace and bliss. Such disciples always carry Guru’s blessings with them and become an asset for the society.

Shashidhar Dimri

Shashi Dhar Dimri was working with the Govt of India for around 37 years. He is retired and has settled down at Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. By the grace of Param Pujya Guru Maharaj, he has been associated with Ramasharam Satsang Mathura for the past around 30 years. He along with his wife is regularly attending Satsang Bhandaras at Mathura, Tundla, Jaipur, Jabalpur and nearby places in Uttatrakhand. He has two sons Abhishek and Akshat who are also associated with Ramashram Satsang Mathura, presently residing in U K.

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