Jia Maa: The Epitome of Love, Compassion and Selfless Service

Jia Maa: The Epitome of Love, Compassion and Selfless Service

All through the journey of Ramashram Satsang Mathura, Jia Maa stood steadfast with Guru Maharaj, establishing it into a major force for the upliftment of mankind. Guru Maharaj has acknowledged Jia Maa’s contribution towards establishing a tradition of her unconditional love and selfless service. He has himself said that Jia Maa was the spiritual force behind the Ramashram family. 

Guru Maharaj & Jia Maa

Guru Maharaj established Ramashram Satsang on the patterns of a family. There is no tradition of Guru and disciple in our Satsang. It is unique because this is the first time that such a tradition was used in spiritual pursuit. The idea behind it was that when seekers come into the Satsang, they need hand-holding as their intellect needs to be nurtured just like a newborn baby. Jia Maa has been the universal mother of all followers of Ramashram Satsang Mathura and her soft affectionate and caring nature was like nourishment to anybody who came into her contact.

Pandit Mihilal Ji used to say that a child can never understand his mother completely, but a mother knows each child so very well. For Jia Maa all followers were her children. She dealt with everyone in the family with love and compassion, irrespective of their spiritual state and carefully attended to the ones who needed help. 

Jia Maa with Pandit Mihilal Ji

Abraham Lincoln once said that. “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe it to my angelic mother. “The role of a mother in bringing up her child with the right values is undisputed.  A mother loves all her children equally despite the differences in their intrinsic nature or skills.”  Through unlimited & unconditional love and compassion, Jia Maa nurtured spiritual values in all followers and set high standards of the principles of selfless service among the followers of Ramashram Satsang. 

An epitome of piety, purity and compassion Jia Maa  was spiritually empowered and had been declared spiritually proficient by three Gurus, an event unprecedented in the Spiritual world, ie Dada Guru Maharaj, Chachcha Ji Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Ji and Fakir Maulana Abdul Gani Khan Sahab

Guru Maharaj & Jia Maa

Since Jia Maa was so spiritually empowered and enabled, she understood the role of a mother in nurturing children and hence she stuck to that role. Her boundless and unfathomable love and affection soothed the path of followers of spiritual pursuit. She took a keen interest in each follower and knew their preferences and their family. She had an eidetic memory. 

Guru Maharaj had so much trust in her spiritual powers that he left Jia Maa in charge of the Ramashram Satsang family after he departed for his heavenly abode making it clear that Pandit Mihilal Ji and his eldest son Dr. Brajendra Kumar Ji would continue to do the mission work under her supervision.

Jia Maa never addressed gatherings or gave formal speech. Despite that, when Jia Maa entered the gatherings, the state of each and every satsangi present there used to change. Everyone used to be transported to a different world. Maharshi Raman has said, “Silence is a never ending speech.” Verbal transmission interferes with the flow of spiritual energy.  Silence is a form and explanation of truth. And Jia Maa was an embodiment of that spiritual power. 

Jia Maa with a Group of Followers of Ramashram Satsang Mathura

Pandit Mihilal Ji was an ardent devotee of Jia Maa and used to say that I am only the medium or the mike and I am speaking the words as instructed to me by Jia Maa. 

Lots of people who had questions found  answers as soon as they sat with Jia Maa and even without asking. All through silence. There are many reminiscences of Jia Maa. A few particularly stand out: 

—Jia Maa could change the spiritual state of a person just with a glance. A person who had never known Satsang or Jia Maa voluntarily vowed never to touch liquor or non-vegetarian food by just meeting Jia Maa.

—Jia Maa restored the speech of a boy who could not speak. 

—The spiritual connection between Pandit Mihilaji and Jia Maa was such that if anyone asked a question to either of them separately, the other one used to answer.

Jia Maa was an embodiment of love and compassion. Whoever visited her felt soothed and experienced eternal peace.

We seek her  blessings and grace on our continued journey for actualising peace and happiness.  

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  1. Saurabh Sahay
    Saurabh Sahay

    I have experienced the powerful presence of Maa Jia. Without speaking a word, we used to be transported to a world free from all vices. She would understand all the dilemma and conflicts without even a word being uttered. She was Mother God.

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