The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop

It’s a bit of a cold day in my nook of the woods. I frequently visit this cafe I am sitting in and sipping my delicious cup of Java. I thought I’ll pen down a small article on what’s coming to my mind at this point.

Our Guru’s place is like a coffee shop. We are rejuvenated by a visit just as we are by sipping coffee.

People are coming in and ordering their favorite cup of coffee and precisely how they want it! Some people are staying in the shop for a while others are just picking up their coffee and going about their day.

A question pops up in my head that isn’t our Guru’s place somewhat like this coffee shop. We all have the same goal of achieving inner strength and tranquility by visiting our Guru’s home. Just like this café where the aim is to get a dose of caffeine to get some energy for a productive day or to deal with the stress of the day. We visit our Guru’s place to offer our obeisance as per our schedules. Sometimes we stay longer and spend time in quietness n sometimes it’s a rush visit to just get a glimpse of that Tejomayi power (powerhouse) which charges our inner battery and keeps a sadhak going. Staying connected with our Guru is the most important aspect of growing into a mature sadhak. Some say that it’s the ultimate objective of our pursuit.

Visiting our Guru and connecting with him

No matter what, Guru’s place is always open for us to come and get his blessings. Guru Maharaj has emphasized heavily on meeting your Guru periodically so that he knows your internal state constantly. He used to say that two things are very important for a disciple. First is his daily practice and the second is the periodic meetings. His famous instruction is to “always stay in touch”.

So please make sure you make time to visit your Guru ashram frequently to keep your sadhana charged with his immense energy.
Hey, we all need our JAVA!!!!
Till next time sadar pranam to all.
P.S. we don’t even have to pay unlike the coffee😅


A humble devotee of Ramashram Satsang Mathura

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