The Power of Chintan

The Power of Chintan

Chintan is being in a state of constantly remembering your Ishta

As I woke up on the morning of Holi, I remembered Param Pujya Papa Ji always insisted on Chintan; which is being in a state of constantly remembering your Ishta (your Guru or any form of God, faith, or a higher power that you relate with). We have read about Chintan in our Satsang’s main text Sadhana ke Anubhav (Experiences in Spiritual Practice) written by Guru Maharaj, Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji. Chintan is equally as beneficial as meditation is for achieving a higher state of spirituality.

It’s as simple as waking up and saying thank you to our Ishta for another day. If we hold his hand as we step into our day-to-day routine his presence stays with us throughout the day.

I started practicing Chintan while walking outside and felt his grace is walking with me and talking to me. I also practice Chintan while cooking, and I feel Jiya Maa is cooking with me. Ever since I started this practice my meals have been more delicious and calming for me and my family.

Whenever we find ourselves in the rougher waters of life, all we can do is Chintan to calm our anxiety and find the strength to keep going. When we keep ourselves in this state even when a family member or loved one is struggling believe me it feels like Jiya Maa is sitting next to you assuring you, “I am here no matter what happens.”

Just before sleeping try listening to a soulful bhajan or a short pravachan to have a blissful night of sleep.

That’s the power of Chintan that I have experienced!!


A humble devotee of Ramashram Satsang Mathura

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    Very useful words for us to adopt in day to day life.

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    Dr deepak kumar upadhyay

    Sadar pranam bhaiya and bhabhi ji
    So fortunate to get your blessings

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