Inner Strength


What is Inner Strength?

Inner strength is the integrity of superior character. It is resoluteness of will and it is also mental or inner resistance to doubt or discouragement. Inner strength can be developed through meditation. Guru Maharaj, Reverend Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay in the following questions and answers, describes how to develop the highest levels of inner strength so that it turns into Inner Power.

Inner Power (Q&A Guru Maharaj, Reverend Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay)

Q. What is inner power?

A. Truthfulness, fearlessness, and universal love are the signs of inner power.

Q. Is inner power visible?

A. Strictly speaking, we can’t see it, hear it, feel it, or touch it, although we can see its effects like energy or light (for example, heat is a form of energy that we can gauge by measuring a change in temperature)

Q. How do you gain and grow inner strength? How is Inner Power received or attained?

A. Satsang (Meditation and Guru’s ability to transfer power) facilitates the growth of inner strength. 

    Guru can facilitate what is termed as receiving or attaining inner power.

Q. What are the impediments to receiving or attaining inner strength?

A. Negative thoughts and negative tendencies, as well as a distracted state of mind, keeps us from receiving positive energy that impedes building up inner strength. We need to fight these inner forces to continue to attain inner power.

Q. What are the causes of loss or deterioration of inner strength?

A. Bad company is the most harmful to the process of gaining inner strength and resulting thoughts and actions cause the downward slide or loss or deterioration of inner strength.

Q. What is the method for preserving the inner power?

A. Inner power is preserved by avoiding unnecessary demonstrations and displays of power. (Powers are preserved by continuing to invest in gaining the inner strength rather than spend it in some way or the other!). This objective is easily achieved through staying connected and living under the guardianship of a guide (or Guru).

Q. What does one gain by having inner power?

A. Peace and happiness is what you gain by having inner power. That’s huge!

Q. What are the ways to gain inner strength?

A. Satsang and Practice (of meditation) are essentially the ways to gain inner strength.

Q. What are the duties of someone who has attained the highest levels of inner power?

A. To love everyone unconditionally, to be humble, to respect others, to be kind, to demonstrate the spirit of service, and to work for the greater and common good – these are the duties of a person who has attained the highest levels of inner power. (Levels may vary but these are key characteristics!)

Q. Who has the right to attain Inner Power?

A. Anyone and everyone. Anyone can achieve Inner Power by putting in consistent effort. 

Translated by Sanjiv Kumar from the book Adhymatic Visheya Mimansa, written by Guru Maharaj, Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji.

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Sanjiv Kumar

Sanjiv Kumar

Sanjiv Kumar is an IT professional based in the US. The grandson of Dr Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji, the founder of Ramashram Satsang Mathura he was Introduced to spiritualism at a very young age . He has been a practitioner for nearly 40 years. He is deeply interested in sharing spiritual concepts to attaining inner happiness and regularly holds orientation sessions for those interested.

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