Our Society and Present Times


The root cause for human suffering and bondage is ignorance. Our society is facing the demons of egoism and materialism and more and more people are exhibiting  instincts that are self-centered and conceited. That is why man has become the cause of man’s tribulation. Today, the society is grieving and humanity is suffering.

Looking at the suffering of the mankind, Guru Maharaj opened the path of spiritualism that could be implemented by anyone at any level – individual or community irrespective of religion, faith and belief. The practice of sanctifying the  conscience, imparting pure knowledge and making it into conduct, was placed before the human society as a means to get rid of our basic ignorance. Guru Maharaj called this spiritual process “Sadhana”.

While it is okay to take inspiration from the past years, only dwelling on the past will not yield results. Salvation lies in taking the right recourse. Right now, we should be true to ourselves and make better use of our today. And the true way to utilise today and each day is through self introspection and visualisation of the Divine. 

The result of self-visualization is that we begin to see everything in the image of the divine and divinity in everything. Today, moral conduct is often spoken about in the world. However, instead of increasing numbers of pious and spiritual souls, there appears to be an increase in those who are blind to spirituality and who are largely self-serving. 

Sticky for spiritual practice

When talking about moral conduct, people forget that the very soul of religion is spirituality. Spirituality makes us true human beings. All religions are spiritualism inspired and tell us that the world is our family and all beings are members of the same family. Spiritual practice of Ramashram Satsang Mathura teaches us unconditional love for the world and to love everyone as part of the same Divine. 

This spiritual practice is not only for any particular religion or country but for the entire world, without which human beings in the world are unhappy, unfulfilled, and disturbed. This practice enables us not only to define our future self but also helps us in actualising that. And through that achieving lasting eternal peace and happiness.

There is still time to achieve peace in life. Hence, come forward and adopt this practice, Guru Maharaj will definitely help us. Amen.

Adapted from an article written by Hemendra Kumar Ji, one of the saints in the lineage of Ramashram Satsang Mathura and re-published in Sadhan June 2019 edition. Adapted from the translation and with inputs from Dr. Arvind Kumar and Sonal Mahindroo. 

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