From Materialism to Spirituality

From Materialism to Spirituality

Pandit Mihilal Ji

This universe is God’s creation. We all have the same divine soul and so are equal, respectable and honorable.

If you hurt even an animal who doesn’t speak, God is watching you.

It’s good to have good looks, wear good clothes, and eat well, but the best is to be a good human being.

Think what we have is ours? The money we have, is it not given to us by someone? Who has given us today, will he not give it to us tomorrow?

We know birds and animals eat only to achieve satiety but it’s only us, humans who are never satisfied, even when we have quenched our thirst or hunger, but always are looking to add more.

Think, when we came into this world, did we bring money with us? Whatever we have must be distributed to all and equally. You must not have anything that you consider is only “yours”.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean not to marry, have family/kids, or have jobs. It only means not to be so overwhelmingly involved, attached and/or absorbed in them so as to be always trapped in the darkness of ignorance and egoism.

Spiritualism never asks you to shun your family, to go to a desolate place, shun worldly clothes and then become dependant and a burden to society.

A materialist is one who has forgotten God, is trapped in self-created coverings of selfishness and ignorance. A true spiritualist is one who has gotten rid of these coverings and has discovered his true self.

Everyone is born in a family, so there’s nothing evil about it. A family person good by heart and nature is many times better than someone with impure thoughts/deeds irrespective of the state of living ie whether he is living in family or renunciates it. All saints were married, had families, and carried out their worldly responsibilities irrespective of achieving the divine knowledge.

Your desire to run away from worldly affairs may in fact be the reason of you being still trapped in them. On the other hand with your Guru’s grace your family may be the instrument for you achieving salvation.

God is the true support for everyone and that is the true path to keep away from grief and sadness. Since you are unfamiliar with this path, follow someone who has been there before. Make this journey easy for you.

Do not be discouraged thinking that your thoughts/deeds are wrong/impure. You might think that you are full of worldly desires, so how will God ever accept you or love you? He doesn’t see all this.

The problem is we are spending all our time in ignorance irrespective of the duration of our lives. Most of us only care about our desires, finances, and fame. No one really realizes what life is truly about.

To have balance in life is a novel approach. That way you are always in middle. Neither eating much nor less, neither sleeping much nor less, neither getting involved in worldly affairs/desires so much as to forget God nor getting involved in God so much as to ignore your worldly responsibilities.

Because we live in this world we need to know it but since this is not all or the end, we also need to know the soul. When we achieve this state of balance/equipoise, we feel light just as a flower floating in water. We need to realize that soul is the only particle universally present. This universe is made of soul. Just as the sky is the same everywhere, God’s the same everywhere, for everyone.

Translated from an article published in Sadhan May 2005 written by Pandit Mihilal Ji, this is an excerpt from the original article adapted for the readers of this blog.

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