Duties of Practitioners (Part 4)

Duties of Practitioners (Part 4)

Guru Maharaj & Jia Maa with practitioners
Guru Maharaj & Jia Maa with practitioners

31 – Practitioners also have a duty to always keep their guru informed about the condition of their inner state. They should specifically inform their guru about some of their dreams and special experiences gained during a meditation session. These are required so that his guru can gauge about the stage of their progress and whether or not they are on the right path.

32- It is advisable to keep in touch with one’s guru either through messaging or writing emails to ones guru, specially for those who live far away, about their condition every month and try to meet him in person once in three months. This helps in our progress. Practitioners who can’t do this will take longer than expected time for their desired progress and might face difficulties in their pursuit.

33-Many people say that Guru knows everything, so why should we tell them. It is their mistake as saints forget everything since they are always in a meditative state. So, we need to draw their attention towards us in order to seek solution to our queries or difficulties. By keeping them informed, our tasks will be easily done as we invoke his blessings and grace.

34- Just as there is a custom to meditate on the enlightened form of Rama Krishna and Shiva’s instead of their idols, in the same way in saints’ opinion, Guru’s enlightened form is worshipped.
We see Guru in the same light as god and meditate on him to be successful in receiving his enlightenment.

35 – It is said that “as we think, so do we become“. This is more evident in our cases, as we become like the one on whom we meditate. Hence, we need to be very careful about whom we meditate on. It is difficult to get capable and accomplished gurus or sadgurus in this world. We can not be benefited from the meditation if guru is not capable, rather would suffer loss. Samarth Guru is one who has attained a state of oneness with god and in whom all the divine qualities or godliness is there.

36- Practitioners can identify such gurus by observing their nature and qualities. these are written in detail in one of guru maharaj’s book titled Sahajobai. If in a teacher/guide, such qualities are not visible, then the teacher should not be considered as a Guru/Master. You can consider him as a guide who is doing the service on behalf of another guru.

Guru Maharaj with his devoted disciple and practitioner
Guru Maharaj and Pandit Mihilal Ji

37 – Guru’s position is in between God and us. We can consider guru as a medium, or connector. Without his help, we cannot be face to face or meet god. Therefore, we should strengthen our relationship with guru through our faith and unconditional love towards him in order to become eligible for his mercy and grace.

38 – Love grows gradually by meeting, remembering and serving anyone. So take care of all these things for guru also or else why they will bless you or guide you through the hard way.

39-The practitioner should not to follow his own mind, but should follow what his Guru’s suggests. Obeying and following his commandments fully make him very happy. Many people do a lot of service but are not obedient. Guru is not happy with such people, rather becomes neutral to them.

40- On this path, it is the Guru, who can take the practitioner to any level/state of meditation in just a moment with his own power.
Do not consider those gurus in whom you do not see such power. Yes ! You may call them just guides or teachers.

41- Guru Maharaj has prescribed meditation on his illuminating body that is his light. This has consciousness. If you have not met a samarth Guru/ sadhguru in person, don’t meditate on their pictures or idols otherwise you might not receive the true benefits of meditation. Instead of receiving divinity and consciousness, the soul will remain trapped in inertia because the pictures or idols do not possess the requisite consciousness and they are all inert matter. You have to move away from matter and come to the soul/energy/consciousness.

42-Idol worshipping and occultism both are harmful for spiritual progress , so leave everything behind and experience the conscious form of the soul within you.

43-Leave behind all the deities and rituals, and believe in one Supreme Lord/one guru and be dependent on him for all the spiritual progress. This is the path to truth and liberation. He doesn’t live in temples and shrines.

Translated From Guru Maharaj’s book “ Abhyasio ke Kartavya” which means Duties of Practitioners.

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