Train the Brain

Antrik satsang (meditation) as prescribed by Guru Maharaj Ji is a unique process that trains our mind or brain.

Let’s try to understand the process and benefit. It is useful to the entire mankind irrespective of faith, belief, culture, location, and other similar demographical factors.

If we look in our life or anyone’s life, knowingly or unknowingly we are training our brain since childhood. In other words, we are registering every new knowledge in our brain. We all know the theory of “garbage in will result in garbage out”. Hence, if we need our lives to be successful, we have to be careful that we do not let the garbage enter and get stored in our brain. One way to do that is to remove whatever garbage is stored in our brain on daily basis, like we do for our house trying to keep it clean.

This is exactly what the process of the sadhana of Guru Maharaj Ji does. It removes the dirt collected over our mind, heart and soul in a natural way. But, for this to happen, we need to believe in the sadhana. If we do not believe in it, we cannot receive the maximum benefit from the process.
Apart from believing we have to practice it as follows to receive the full benefit:
—Be regular in practicing the sadhana twice daily, mostly at the same time.
—Note down the difference in mental condition before and after the sadhana.
—Note down the difference in behavior due to mental improvement, like in anger or depression.
—Note down the level of sleep.

As we note these improvements, our trust and belief in the process of sadhana increases and more it improves, more seriously we devote ourselves to sadhana.

We move towards inner peace and no longer store garbage or negative emotions like anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety etc in our brain.

In a way, we will train our mind to maintain a peaceful life and be happy in all situations.

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