Guru & Spiritual Journey

Guru & Spiritual Journey

In the spiritual journey (Sant Mat) Guru is considered to be the pivot who first introduces the disciple to God and then takes him to the ultimate goal. Saints (Sufis) consider Guru more important than God, rather they consider Guru and God same. They do not bother about God. They do not relate to God or talk about God. They only think about their Guru, talk about their Guru, meditate about Guru and many have achieved the ultimate goal with this practice.


There is no enlightenment (Mukti) without knowledge (Gyan). Knowledge comes with wisdom and inner consciousness (Vivek). If inner consciousness and knowledge are weak, enlightenment is impossible. Guru provides both knowledge, wisdom and inner consciousness.

Establishing the balance between the 3 life energies of Sat, Raj and Tam is the highest yogic practice (Sadhana). All bhakti and yogic practices lead to this balance. There is perpetual peace in this balance. The only way to achieve this perfect balance is Satsang and Guru’s Blessing (Kripa).

If you love God, are desperate to meet Him, then find a true lover of God and befriend him because the true lover knows God very well. There is no doubt that the abode of God is in his true lover’s heart and that is where you should search and find Him. A true lover or disciple’s heart is same as God’s heart. It is very important to make effort to find a place in such a heart. A few moments of place in such a heart is more fruitful than years of difficult spiritual practices.

True Satsang does not mean mere talks but actually to be attentive and be one with Guru. It is important that the disciple should have all the focus on his Guru and the Guru’s focus on his disciple. People who are lucky to get such Satsang do not need any difficult yogic practices to achieve their goal. Such Satsang and focus can get you the elevation in this difficult path in seconds which would have otherwise taken years to many births.

People who are pseudo-intellectuals and argumentative are stuck in their own thoughts and words but a true lover has nothing to do with it. He only craves for his Guru, constantly thinks about him, moves day and night like a crazy person searching for him and looks forward to falling in His feet. Falling in his Guru feet is better than immortality for him.

Guru Maharaj Charan RajThe Guru’s feet or Charan Raj does not mean the dust or soil under the feet of Guru’s physical body. That too is important but the true meaning of Guru’s feet is the bright divine light (Divya Prakash) that emits from His Soul constantly and spreads in all directions.

People who can immerse and clean their hearts in this divine light can immediately purify their physical, astral and causal bodies and open their divine vision. If you can immerse and clean this pot called heart, daily and with conviction, in no time will it lose all its filth and will start shinning bright. Only such clean bright hearts can become the abode of God.

The message from Guru is the bow, true dedication to Guru is the arrow and Brahma (Akshar Brahma) is the goal. When all your mental faculties are aligned with your goal, when all your thoughts and emotions are focused on your goal that is the time to release the arrow and hit the goal like an acclaimed shooter.

Your practice only helps you till the Manomaya Kosh (Sphere of Thoughts) is cleared. After that they is no need for it as further practice of the same doesn’t yield higher results. It is only the connection with Guru, His divine words and messages that can take you forward from then on. All you have to do is to drink his sweet message like a Cuckoo bird.

It’s one thing to talk about spirituality and God among each other but totally different to sit in presence of divine and powerful Master and to listen to His message and imbibe His divine energy. It is the company of such perpetually calm and divine Guru that is the true Satsang.

Ego is the wall that stands between self and God. One should make every effort to demolish such wall as it takes no time then to meet God. The moment a disciple surrenders self to his Guru, the wall starts to fall. This wall is stronger in solitary and self-centered people and is difficult to demolish but is very thin and weak in people occupied in household and family responsibilities. Such weak wall falls with minimal effort. That is why people with family duties and responsibilities can achieve their goal much faster.

Being in the presence of God is like tasting divine nectar. Once you have tasted it, you will drown in it forever and all other desires will become mute for you.

One should wake up and make every effort to get one with the God in this life itself. Once you get a chance to sit in His lap, it is a state of unending peace and happiness. You will be blessed with both the world and the divine. It would be a state of perpetual happiness free of all ills. A state only of happiness and eternal bliss.

Written by Guru Maharaj, Dr Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji, published in Sadhan November 2002. Translated by Dr. Deepali & Dr. Rajat Nog.

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