Seeking God: why seek what you already have?

Seeking God: why seek what you already have?

This universe belongs to the Almighty. Everything here is complete, without any deficiency. In the same universe, the Almighty who is our life and living, whom we call God also manifests itself. He is omnipresent, in each and every molecule of the universe. The magnificence of the divinity that we come across in this universe also belongs to the Almighty and that is why we call him the Almighty God. We can choose to visualise him as God or magnificence. The difference is that we start searching for another God in place of considering this splendour itself as God.

Our sacred scriptures have said (“Ishawasyamidum sarva vyaktisch jagatyam jagat…….”) It means that God is omnipresent and that everything including us is contained within that divinity. The scriptures go on to explain further that whatever exists in this entire universe, whether animate or inanimate, is permeated by the Almighty.

In the second line of the verse, it has been explained how should we be living in this world. One should perform every worldly duty and enjoy everything provided to us in this world happily but without a sense of possession and attachment. This is because all material aspects (wealth, knowledge, physical possessions) of this universe do not belong to any individual person or being. By doing so we can use and enjoy everything of this world without getting unduly attached to them.

Live like a guest in this world

Guru Maharaj

One must not forget that our stay in this world is finite and departure inevitable. While living in this world, life depends on the food and water we consume and air that we breathe. Yet, these elements do not belong to us. If we do not possess such essentials elements, then how can we say that we possess wealth, knowledge, fame or children?

Therefore, we must consider all aspects of life as gifts bestowed upon us by the Almighty and be aware all the time that God will continue to provide us everything so long as he decides to keep us here in this world.

Just as the air or water is so naturally available to us as long as we are living in this world, so is the presence of God. Just as the parts of our body are manifestations of ourselves, similarly, everything in this world is the manifestation of God.

But, we are not aware about this. We ‘know’ only those things that we have a focus on. Till now our focus has not shifted from this world towards God. We should know that as long as we maintain attention toward the world, we will not be able to ‘see’ God. However, if one removes attention from worldly things including oneself even for a moment and maintain a singular focus on him, as we do in meditation, then we can be aware about him in that moment.

How to seek God, when he is within

An inquisitive disciple who travelled long distances to visit a saint, asked him to explain how one could understand and visualise one’s own soul as he has come there with this sole purpose. The saint replied – “son, you do not have to do any hard yogic practice or anything special to visualise your soul. But for a moment divert your attention and thoughts completely from this world. If you can achieve that, then you will be able to visualise your own soul or God in that very moment of time. You will be able to experience God in the same way as you experience your mother, father, family or friends in this world.

The saint explained further that in that very moment God appears before any being, animal or human, as the ocean appears before us when we go to it. One sees the ocean first when looking at it; before seeing other beings that live in the ocean. Similarly, one will be able to see God in front before everyone/everything else in this world that they know such as their parents, family, friends.

Saints and seers have equated this world also a large ocean which is home to a multitude of living beings that take birth in it and perish in the same world. Just as waves keep emerging in the ocean, this world also has waves of thoughts that arise and perish within it. Due to these waves of thoughts, we don’t get lasting peace in this world. Instead, we keep oscillating with the waves in the cycle of joy and sorrow.

If one wishes to have lasting peace within, he would have to transcend beyond these thought waves into the realm of spirituality where true inner peace can be experienced. This world has originated from duality (yin/yang) and therefore disturbance in the inner peace is inherent. Those who are able to enlighten their interiors with spirituality, achieve a truly blissful state and the eternal peace.

Take the example of an animal tied to a leash – it can only reach for food if it is placed within the radius of its leash, else it will remain starved. Similarly, he would stay thirsty even if he is near to the shore but is tied to a rope tightly. We have created similar bondages, through our expectations, desires and thoughts. Even if we aspire for inner peace, we are unable to obtain it as we have tied ourselves with the rope of wishes, thoughts and desires.

Seeking God with help from within

We experience the air we breathe and sky perpetually. We do not need to worry about obtaining them. Similarly, we can envisage the presence of our mind, intellect and ego (“I”) in our lives. And beyond all these, there is the spirit or soul within us, that permeates our very existence. It remains in a stable state without the wave-like constant ups and down, a state of thoughtlessness, without karma or sorrow and always at peace. One who journeys toward his soul will also reach a steady and stable state without distressing thoughts, worries, fear, sorrow or pain.

People often say, “seek God” – this is very much like asking “seek the sky”, or “seek the air that surrounds us”. Whereas, our soul or spirit is within all of us and is giving us life itself – it is an undeniable constant.

“Consider it a certainty that God is so close to you that he can hear your slightest of thoughts and yet, at the same time, he can be so far that he may not hear even your loud words”! One does not have to go anywhere to try and look for God. God is hidden beneath our own thoughts that cover his presence like the waves of the ocean cover the life within. God is not far at all, he is simply invisible; much like the fat/cream in the milk, the nectar or taste of a fruit contained within it, or our own inner self hidden within our physical bodies.

God can be obtained by one and all; and all can ‘see’ God as well – this can be made possible by the help of one who has himself achieved such as state and can show us the way to do the same. One who is a true spiritual Saint or Guru. God is a wonderful power and can be seen by those who have eyes and by those who do not have physical eyes as well. However, those who are able to “see” God through their internal eyes are able to do so by the blessings and grace of their Guru.

It is said that by the grace of Guru, even one with low intellect becomes very intelligent, speechless can start to speak and blind able to see. If only one is able to receive such blessings from their Guru!

Oh Lord, my Guru, whosoever was able to see God within; whether worldly human or saint; all said one thing – “we came to know and experience God through the grace of our Guru” and when he wanted to. 

Translated from Sadhan May 2020 Pg (9) Pravachan Parag, written by Pandit Mihilal Ji.

Arvind Kumar

Dr. Arvind Kumar is a Parkinson's Disease specialist working in the UK. He completed his medical degree in Jaipur and subsequently came to the UK. He has been associated with Ramashram Satsang Mathura since the mid 1970's.

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