Duties of Practitioners (Part1)

Duties of Practitioners (Part1)

Guru Maharaj with Practitioners
Guru Maharaj with Practitioners

1- Guru Maharaj founded Ramashram Satsang, Mathura and named it after his Guru, Mahatma Ramchandra ji Maharaj.

2- Everyone irrespective of his religion, creed, faith, belief and community can practice this satsang. The only prerequisite is inquisitiveness and desire for the true knowledge.

3- God is one and the path to meet Him is also one and that is concentration of mind. This system of satsang is the simplest and best suited to achieve this state of mind. Every human being, irrespective of age, sex or social status, learned or not so, can practice it with ease and comfort. People of modern time, who are busy in their profession and day to day chores of life, can progress in a very short span of time, if they keep practicing this sadhana regularly.

4- There are four main things in every pursuit. In vedic language, they are 1. Karma, 2. Upasana, 3. Knowledge and 4. Sakshatkar ( Being face to face with God ). Sufis call them Shariat, Tarikat, Marfat, and Hakikat/reality. Karma ie Rituals and Shariat could be different in every religion and creed, but from where Upasana and Tarikat begins it is almost same in every religion, difference is only in words. But foolhardy followers fight randomly amongst themselves and call each other bad.

5 – The heart of those who make spiritual progress should be serious and vast and all encompassing. Those who do not see all in themselves and themselves in everyone and become strong hearted in their religious beliefs, cannot have spiritual progress. They are caught in rage and malice and that hinders them to become face to face with the Almighty.

6- Love even those who have differing views. Don’t fight and don’t call them bad. If you get an opportunity, try to bring them on the true and auspicious path. If they do not accept your preaching or suggestion, become indifferent to them and leave them at the mercy of God.

7- God awakens only those whom he wants to give his philosophy and enlightens their hearts with true rites of devotion and unconditional love. He did not create everyone for this, and he gets his work done with whom he wants to, so no one has the right to complain, blame or say bad to others.

8- If you want to support others or if you want to take them to the welfare path, first handle yourself, the moment you become an evolved person others will start following you. It is useless to say before achieving this status yourself.

9- If you desire to be one with the God, follow Upasana ie the system of meditation and true knowledge along with dutiful actions. Then we achieve our true meaning of life, otherwise you will not get eternal peace and happiness, wherever you might go.

10- There are two types of rituals and customs. Worldly and Spiritual or Religious. Just like every family has a different set of religious rituals, in the same way, there is a difference in every scripture or sect. Let them follow their own religion rules. Yes ! if you can mould them towards Upasana, then meaningless rituals will automatically disappear, and that will be substituted with true and humane life which will be meaningful taking us to the goal of true salvation.

Translated From Guru Maharaj’s book “ Abhyasio ke Kartavya” which means Duties of Practitioners.

Meenakshi Anurag

I’m currently based in London, UK and mother of two lovely kids. I’m fortunate to be born in a satsang family. Doing Gurumaharaj’s meditation gives me immense peace and equanimity.

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