Yama, Niyama And Asana

Translated from 'Hamari Yog Sadhana' (Our Yogic Practice) written by Guru Maharaj, Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji. Yama refers to getting rid of, or restraining oneself from negative behaviors and thoughts,…

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Yoga is Meditating on the Heart
Young woman is doing yoga on the beach, inner light concept, spiritual background, double exposure

Yoga is Meditating on the Heart

Long ago, an ascetic was sitting under a tree deep inside a dense forest, which was almost impossible for human reach. He wanted to renounce life and had given up…

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Different Types of Yoga

In the last post, we talked about the different types of disciples. This piece continues by further describing the concept of ‘yoga’ that we talked about last time. How many…

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